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Why Joe Homebuyer?

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The numbers

Initial Investment

  • Franchise fee: $50,000*
  • First 90 days marketing (not paid to us) $25,000 – $35,000
  • Working capital (not paid to us) $20,000 minimum

(Optional 2nd territory can be awarded for additional $25,000 franchise fee)


Transaction Fees**

Transaction Fees Summary


Fix, Flips and Rentals

Tier 1

9% of net

5% of net

Tier 2

7% of net

4% of net

Minimum Transaction Fee per Property



Maximum Transaction Fee per Property



Monthly Minimum Fee:

$400/month (waived if a transaction fee is paid in the month)


• $950 set-up
• $150/month + $50 per additional user

National Advertising

• Currently $200/month

** 10% veterans discount
**transaction fees due for leads generated through Joe Homebuyer marketing systems and for all
wholesale-type transactions regardless of how the lead originated. All other RE transactions are exempt
from transaction fees.
*** This document is not our governing document and does not represent all possible expenses or
terms. The FDD will be our governing document

Earnings Report from franchisees (2021)

The following table shows 2021 Net Sales data for our 13 franchisees that operated and reported 12 months of sales data for the entire 2021 calendar year.

  • Franchisees 2021 Net Sales
  • Arizona $1,650,380
  • Arizona $487,250
  • Denver, Colorado $213,750
  • Tampa, Florida $820,625
  • Atlanta, Georgia $1,514,425
  • Atlanta, Georgia $242,815
  • Greensboro, North Carolina $364,590
  • Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas $1,094,916
  • Dallas, Texas $356,386
  • Utah $1,892,551
  • Utah $1,135,233
  • Utah $649,134
  • Utah $2,230,862



1) “Net Sales” refers to the net sales derived from all transactions after deducting direct property costs, as reported to us. This number does not reflect any standard operational expenses, such as closing costs, real estate commissions, renovation expenses, financing costs or any amounts paid to us including transaction fees and minimums, monthly fees, national advertising fees, software fees. The number is not a statement of profits or margins calculated by comparing sales to operating expenses. You will be expected to pay the transaction fees and minimums, monthly fees, national advertising fees, and software fees required in your franchise agreement.

2) A total of 26 outlets were excluded: 23 outlets were excluded because they opened after January 1, 2021 and did not have at least 12 months of operations to report; 1 outlet was excluded because they left the system during the reporting period (transfer); and 2 outlets were excluded because they did not report sufficient data during the reporting period.

Some outlets have earned this amount. Your individual results may vary. There is no assurance that you will earn as much.

Written substantiation for this financial performance representation is available to you upon reasonable written request.


Transaction Fees**

the Joe Homebuyer System

Joe Homebuyer is a turnkey real estate acquisition franchise. With or without prior real estate experience, we will guide you through the entire process from marketing to close. You will provide real estate solutions by buying, fixing, and wholesaling residential properties. In addition, learn how to acquire discounted rental properties without your own money.


We provide personalized marketing support as well as coaching on marketing and exit strategies.


We train you on finding and acquiring discounted single and multi-family properties without using your own money.


Once you acquire your property, we will train you on the best strategies and options for selling, including how to monetize the property without using your own money.

3 Ways You'll Make Money

As a Joe Homebuyer franchisee, you will have a lot of freedom and exit opportunities. We will train you on these and help you find the best option for your acquired properties. 


Flip & Fix

Rental Income


Want to learn how to be involved in real estate the “Joe way”? Contact us today!